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It’s the kind of thing you might not think you need to know, but it’s definitely worth checking out.

A little bit of research, a little bit more creativity, and you’ll find a lot of beer in Brisbane.

We’ll share the most popular beers in Brisbane, and some of the best places to find them.

We’ve taken a look at the best craft brews in Brisbane so far, and then found the best local breweries to get you started.

This guide will help you find the beer you’re looking for.

What are craft beer?

Craft beer is the beer made with yeast and hops from an existing brewery.

These are typically made from malt or grain that are fermented with a particular grain, such as wheat or rye.

A wide range of styles are made from this basic recipe.

The main beer styles include lagers, lagers and IPAs.

Where to find it?

The craft beer boom in Brisbane has helped to boost the popularity of craft beers in the city.

There are now more than 250 craft breweries in the CBD alone, which is up from just five years ago.

The growth has also attracted many of the local craft brewers to the area, including Aussie Brewery, The Great Bend Brewing Co, and Beer Works.

Check out the craft beer guide to get the details of where to find the craft brew you’re after.

What’s in it?

A typical craft beer comes in two main types: Belgian or Belgian-style beers that use yeast and/or hops from a brewery, and American-style beer that uses yeast and spices from a restaurant or bar.

A lot of craft beer has been made using either malt or rye, but some use both.

Some also use malt and rye.

What can you expect?

A good craft beer can range from a light, hoppy, dry, refreshing beer to a hoppy and fruity beer that’s a little more complex.

The ingredients are typically malt, hops and some yeast.

Some of the beer styles are American-inspired.

Here are some tips to get started: Make sure you try the brew that you’re interested in, so you can try out the style first and see what you like.

If you don’t like the beer, it may be worth taking a look for other styles.

Find a local bar or restaurant that serves craft beers.

Find an area where the beer is popular.

There may be a bar or brewpub near you that offers craft beer.

If possible, find a local brewery, which may be on tap at the time you want to get your craft beer fix.

If a bar does offer craft beers, check it out.

This may be an option if you’re not in the mood for a more traditional beer.

Find the right beer and ask for a pint.

A pint is a beer you order for yourself, so don’t get too drunk, or get too hung up on the taste of the drink.

If it’s too bitter, ask for something else.

When you’re done, ask your friends to share the beer.

That’s a great way to introduce yourself to a new beer.

The next time you’re in the beer industry, or at a brewery you like, try a pint yourself.