An American craft store is opening a craft station near Yoshi crafted world in Yoyogi Park in Tokyo.

It’s the first such station in the Japanese capital.

The store is also selling items from a small craft company in Osaka.

“The idea is to give people a way to experience craft from a local perspective,” said Mr Yoshisawa.

“We want people to feel that they are part of the community, and not just a tourist or a tourist shop.”

The shop opened last month, offering a mix of crafts including ceramics, furniture, art and clothing.

The shop is in an area of the park where the park is surrounded by a large Japanese-style garden.

Mr Yoshisama and his team have a local partner, a company called Kodo Design.

The partners met about a year ago and got together to create the station.

“We’re a group of people who are passionate about craft,” Mr Yoshizawa said.

“They want to make the community feel like they are a part of it, which is a lot.”

The station will be open from 9am to 10pm daily, and also sells handmade crafts.

“There’s a lot of people in Japan who have never heard of craft,” said Kodo’s head of design.

“But we’ve been doing it for years and people have always thought it was a fun hobby.”

It’s something people enjoy to do together.

“For Mr Yoshi, the station is about creating a community.”

I want to create a place where people can come to and do something,” he said.”

What I want is to create something that is very interesting and special, where people don’t feel like it’s just a shop.