Crafting an axe thrower from wood and a wooden box can be a bit tricky, but there are a few tricks that will get you started.

First, the wooden box needs to be strong enough to hold the axe.

That means cutting a piece of wood, measuring the height of the axe and putting the pieces together.

Then you can cut out the legs and put them in the box.

This will be your “tang” of the box, which will help to keep the box stable.

Next, you need to decide which type of axe you want to make.

You’ll need to buy two types of axes, one for each type of child.

The more expensive the axe, the more complicated it is.

A cheap one will be just a straight blade, while a very expensive one can be an “edge” axe that cuts into the ground.

If you buy one that is too cheap, it will break and require repair.

A wooden axe throwing machine in a backyard.

source TechXchange title You can make a DIY hammer throwing machine for kids source TechRadar title Learn how to make a homemade hammer throwing device for kids from Instructables user julian-maclean.

The Instructables tutorial on making a homemade hammershow machine for children is worth a look, too.

If you decide on the more expensive type, you can start by building the axe body.

This is where you’ll place the handles and create the “handles”.

You can use this to attach the handles to the wooden axe.

Once you have the axe’s body and handles in place, you’ll want to attach them to the box and put a piece over the handle.

This way, you don’t need to cut the box out of wood or glue it together.

You can also put a wooden stake on top of the wooden boxes to keep them stable.

Next, attach the metal handles to this wooden box.

You don’t have to do this at the end of the tutorial, though; you can leave them hanging.

You’ll want your hammershoes to be sturdy and sturdy, so this part will be tricky.

You will want to keep your hammer handles sturdy so that you can hit your target.

You may also want to glue the hammersheets to the back of the boxes, or even attach the wooden pieces to the boxes themselves.

Make sure to make sure you are using a sharp tool and make sure that the box is secure and that the handles are attached to the metal box.

If your box is too small to hold an axe, you may want to buy extra box pieces for the hammingsheets.

Finally, you will want a piece to hold your wooden box together, as well as a piece for the wood on the outside of the hammetshoes.

You could use a piece from your garden, or use some old clothespins.

You might also use some string to hold them together.

To attach them, just place the string over the handles of the hammer and then attach it.

Once the hammistsheets are attached, you’re ready to put them into the box for your kids.

You need to attach these to the inside of the wood box so that they are strong enough that they can be used as hammers.

Here’s what your kids will look like when you’re finished.