crafter is the name of a beer maker, and in the US, the brand was first created in 1998. 

The craft beer industry has grown exponentially since then, and now, there are more breweries and craft beer styles than any other.

Craft beer is also popular among the more established beer drinkers.

Crafter is one of the few breweries to focus exclusively on brewing beers for craft beer drinkers, and their craft beer style is known for being hoppy and complex.

Crafter brews up to four different beers, but most are around a 10% ABV. 

They often offer a wide range of styles that range from traditional American-style beer to craft beers like Hop-On-A-Hog and Lazy Susan.

The brand has a cult following among craft beer enthusiasts, with craft beer being a favorite drink of beer geeks and craft drinkers alike.

Crafters are also known for crafting unique beers. 

Craft beer can be considered a modern day version of beer brewing, and Crafter’s craft beers are made with yeast that is cultured for a year to give the beer a flavor.

Crafter brewers are known for brewing beer with fresh hops, which can help add a hop aroma to the beer. 

Crafters typically sell for $10-$15 a bottle, depending on the style and the style.

Crafter’s beer is typically aged for at least one year. 

It is not uncommon to see a crafter bottle at the craft beer bar or beer bar, and some craft beer bars offer limited craft beer, such as the Crafter Bar at The Great Divide in Los Angeles, California.

There are many craft breweries and beers to choose from, and it can be difficult to find a craft beer that is right for you.