You may have noticed that many of the decorations in this season’s Christmas movies and TV shows are made from cardboard, wood, and paper.

These decorations are easy to create, but they are also pretty hard to assemble.

So we decided to help.

We used some basic tools to create our Christmas Tree decorations. 

What you need to do to make your own Christmas Tree from scratch:1.

Get your cardboard and wood ready.

Make sure you have your cardboard cut out and your wood ready to glue together.2.

Find some cardboard.

Find a box or boxy piece of cardboard that’s about 4 inches (10 centimeters) in diameter.

It should be sturdy enough to handle a Christmas tree and not fall apart.3.

Cut the cardboard into 3 or 4 pieces. 


Cut out your cardboard. 


Cut your wood pieces.

Cut one piece each at a time.

Make the cuts at the ends of the pieces, so the ends don’t separate while you glue them together.6. 

Attach the cardboard and the wood pieces to the cardboard.

If you don’t have glue, you can glue a plastic sheet on top of the cardboard to hold it together.

If your cardboard is thinner than 1/8-inch (2 millimeters), you can use a wooden dowel to attach it to the wood piece.7.

Glue the cardboard together.

Make a groove at one end of the wood. 


Put the cardboard back in the box.

The cardboard will be resting on the dowel. 


Glued the wood back onto the cardboard!

You can now assemble your Christmas Tree!