A craft beer club in Australia is celebrating the holiday season with a holiday-themed pumpkin craft and pumpkin decorating contest.

The PumpkinCraft Beer Club, a new local craft beer competition, is hosting its annual Halloween craft beer event on Friday.

The theme of the festival is “Pumpkin Craft Beer and Craft Beer Parties” and is aimed at those who want to create a festive holiday themed pumpkin craft.

The competition will see local craft brewers and beer enthusiasts compete to create their own pumpkin crafts.

“Pumpkins are a great thing to have around the house because you can’t go wrong with pumpkin and pumpkin food,” the club’s managing director Peter Whittaker told ABC Radio Brisbane.

“The pumpkin is just a great colour and you can make anything with a little bit of creativity.”

He said the festival would be the perfect time to celebrate the season.

“There’s no better time to do pumpkin crafts than this year, we are having a pumpkin festival on the 25th of October,” he said.

“You have pumpkin and apple pie, you have pumpkin bread, you can do a pumpkin and bacon bread and all sorts of fun things.”

Pumpkins are a staple in Australian holiday and holiday decoration, but the popularity of these types of decorations is on the rise, and the club has been organising these competitions for the past three years.

The contest is aimed to promote local craft breweries and beer, and encourages all beer drinkers to participate.

The first prize is a free pumpkin pumpkin spice cake.

The club is also inviting beer lovers to take part in the competition, but only the first 2,000 beer fans to submit a pumpkin recipe will win.

The next prize is free pumpkin cake and pumpkin spice cookies.

“Our biggest prize is this really cool pumpkin cake, you get a little pumpkin cake on the top of a pumpkin cake,” Mr Whittack said.

“The cake is really good.

There’s some chocolate frosting in it, you know, it’s really delicious.”

The club’s pumpkin themed event, which will take place at the Rundle Arcade in Brisbane, is part of its Halloween season celebrations.

“This is an opportunity for people to get together with other brewers and brewers’ friends and create a pumpkin party,” Mr Whitehead said.

“They’ll have pumpkin food, they’ll have all kinds of fun, they’re getting some pumpkin beer.

They’ll be able to create the perfect holiday themed event.”

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