New York’s “Museum Of Art” is opening a new collection of more than 2,500 vintage, contemporary and new art works in Manhattan this summer, with a focus on women and people of color.

The collection is curated by the nonprofit Center for Art in the Public Interest (CAPI), which is one of the many organizations involved in the campaign for the first Museum of the Future, which was announced in January. 

“This is the first time that we have a new museum that is not based on an existing gallery space or a collection of art,” said Kristin Stiles, CAPI’s director of creative projects.

“It’s a museum of the future.

It’s a building that looks and feels like an old museum.” 

The new collection will feature “artworks that are not always found in the museum space,” Stiles said.

They will be curated by “two artists, two directors, two curators, two photographers, and two art-lovers who are passionate about the art of contemporary art and women.”

The exhibition, which is slated to open in the spring of 2019, will include works by such prominent artists as Pablo Picasso, Andy Warhol, Claude Monet, Andy Serkis, Thomas Newman, and Jean-Michel Basquiat.

The work is set to be displayed in a space that will also house a collection by French artist Claude Mona Lisa.

The exhibit is part of the Museum of Modern Art’s “Modern Futures” initiative, which aims to bring art from around the world to the museum’s New York City flagship space, the Metropolitan Museum of Art (MMA), for permanent exhibition.

The museum’s new flagship space will include the Museum Of Modern Art New York, which will be home to the permanent exhibition of the New York Museum of Contemporary Art (NYMCA).

“We think that this project is about building an inclusive museum that looks like an art museum,” said Stiles.

“We want to build a museum that feels like it belongs.” 

There are two exhibition spaces planned for the new Museum of Arts, one in New Jersey and one in Manhattan.

The NYCCA’s “Art of Art in America” exhibit will also be in the new space, along with works by artists such as James Baldwin, Robert Rauschenberg, Frank Stella, and Diane Arbus. 

The project also has an emphasis on people of colour, said Stile.

She noted that this will be the first museum of its kind to feature people of all backgrounds and creeds.

“I think this is really about the diversity of art in the US,” she said.

“In a lot of places in the world, you have to go to a museum in a white space and it doesn’t look like the world that it is.

And that’s not okay.”

The exhibit will be located in the Met Museum, which opened in December 2017 and was designed by the architects of the former Manhattan Public Library (MPL), where it was located. 

As part of this exhibition, the museum will host the first-ever Women in Art exhibit in NewYork City, which features more than 200 works from African-American artists and curators. 

Museum curators are also working to create a new exhibit titled “Women in the Arts: The Future,” which will explore the role of women in the art and design of the past and present.

The new museum will also serve as a hub for the ongoing push for gender equality in art and in contemporary art. 

This spring, a number of groups have been launching a new initiative called the New Art Movement, which seeks to promote the “new art” movement that aims to encourage the public to embrace new ways of seeing art, and in doing so, celebrate the contributions that women and minorities make to the art world. 

One of the initiatives that will be taking place this summer is the opening of a new gallery at the Museum. 

A number of exhibitions will be on view at the new museum as well, including the work of artists from South Asian and African communities, as well as an exhibit by Nigerian artist Abigail Sargent titled “Art & Society,” which was recently featured in the magazine “The New Yorker” and on the Smithsonian Institute’s website. 

Stiles said the exhibition will feature new works by “some of the most talented artists in the country,” and that they will be “the first exhibitions of their kind to be curated for the New Museum of New York.”

“This isn’t just an exhibition,” Stile said. 

With the new exhibition, New York is taking a “tremendous step forward” in supporting and supporting the work that is made in its capital city.

“We want New Yorkers to feel proud of the work they’re creating,” she continued.

“They should also feel proud that they’re participating in

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