When Yoshis Crafts started out, it was for people who wanted to make snowmen.

Today, Yoshis is known for its “Craft” line of craft tools, and the Snowman Crafts website offers tips on how to build a snowman.

For example, the “Tailor Your Own Snowman” book includes a tutorial on how, say, to create a “Snowman Head,” which is a fancy name for a snow-covered head.

The book also includes the Snowballing Tool, which Yoshis describes as “the easiest and fastest way to craft a snowball.”

While Snowman has a pretty nice website, Yoshies Crafts isn’t the only company to offer snowman crafting kits.

Check out these crafts, which you can find at a wide range of stores, to make your own snowman: Yoshis has a ton of snowman kits available at its online shop.

Here are some of our favorites: