The unicorn craftsmen and women in Tamil Nadu are working hard to create a unicorn that is both majestic and a blessing.

The city-based unicorn artisans have created a miniature unicorn, and are selling it for about $2,000.

The unicorn is created from a mixture of cow hide, buffalo skin, and some other materials.

“The unicorn is made from cow skin and buffalo skin,” the Unicorn Arts and Crafts Guild of Tamil Nadu (UACNT) president, Sreenivasakaran, told The Hindu.

“You can get a lot of cow skins.

I do my work by myself.”

Sreenivasam said that cow skin can be used for making a saddle or a coat of armor.

“There are several kinds of cow skin, some are used for horse armor.

Some people use cow skins for making jewelry and other things.

The skin of the cow can be very soft, and so it can be tough,” he said.

He said that there is no difference between the buffalo skin and cow skin.

The Unicorn Arts & Crafts group has created a stall in a shop in a shopping mall of Chennai’s Puducherry district.

The stall is called Unicorn Arts, and it sells buffalo hides, cow skin for armor and accessories, and buffalo skins for decorative purposes.

Unicorn Arts has been working on the unicorn for two years, Srinivasam added.

“In my previous shop, we could only buy buffalo hides.

We started working on unicorn, but it took us a long time,” he added.

The stall is located near a shop selling unicorn accessories.

Srinivasakan said that his stall is not the only one.

“We have several other stall in the area, but we have not been able to sell the unicorn.

We are working on it now,” he told The Indian Express.

He added that there are plans to open a stall on the first floor of a mall soon.

The Unicorn Arts group has also created a website to promote the unicorn’s art.

“It is a good opportunity to promote our stall and to get more people interested in the unicorn,” Sriniasam said.