The list above is a list of the top 50 craft stores for craft beer drinkers.

It’s the same list you see when you go to a local craft beer store.

But for those of you who enjoy a more traditional, more craft-focused beer experience, this list is worth revisiting.

The list of top 50 is just the tip of the iceberg.

If you’re looking for the absolute best of the best, look no further than the 50 most craft-minded places to go.

The most-watched craft beer bars in the worldThe craft beer scene is still booming.

There’s a lot to celebrate and a lot of new talent to discover.

But some of the most popular and buzzed about craft beer destinations are also some of our favorite places to drink craft beer.

These breweries have been around for a while, but they’re just starting to make waves.

Here’s a look at the 50 best craft beer spots in the country.1.

Craft Brewery CoopersmithsIn the early 1900s, Coopers was a small brewing operation that was in the business of making beer.

It was owned by brothers John and Frederick Coopers, and in 1924 it opened its first brewery, which quickly became a national destination for craft brewers.

Now, it’s home to about 20 craft breweries, with the most famous being Stone Brewing Co., which has a sprawling campus in the heart of Chicago.2.

Craft Beer Bar & BrewIn 2015, the BrewDog opened its flagship brewery in New York City.

In 2017, it opened in San Francisco.

In 2018, the brewery expanded its location in Austin, Texas.3.

Great Lakes BrewingCoopersmith’s location is one of the few in the U.S. that can offer beer made in-house by one of our craft brewers, Great Lakes.

That means it can be made in a wide variety of styles, and it’s brewed in-houses to make it easy to find.

That also means it’s easy to share with friends.

It has the best prices in the beer business.4.

The Brewing Company at The TaproomOn the south side of Chicago’s Loop, The Taphouse is a great place to drink good craft beer, whether it’s a beer you like or not.

They offer beer that’s brewed at home in-person with the brewery staff.5.

The Tap HouseAt The Tap Room, you’ll find some of Chicagos finest craft beers, as well as local, seasonal and imported beers.

They have a full menu that includes burgers, burgers with wings, chicken wings and other entrees.6.

The Hop House at HopHouseBeer, food, wine, spirits, cocktails and beer.

HopHouse has a huge beer list, but you won’t find many craft beers on tap.

If craft beer is your thing, HopHouse offers up some of America’s best craft beers as well.7.

The Great Lakes Brewhouse at The Great Salt LakeCity’s newest brewery is the result of a partnership between the Salt Lake City Beer Co. and Great Lakes Brewery.

The brewery opened in 2017 and is located just outside of Salt Lake, Utah.

It is the first brewery in the Great Lakes region.8.

Bitter LakeBrewing in-home at The Beer Barn in Austin.

Located in the basement of a historic brewery, the Beer Barn has been brewing beer in-situ for over 60 years.9.

The Barrel Room at Barley’s PubIn 2017, The Barrel House opened in a historic building in Austin’s Old Town.

It serves a wide selection of craft beers including a rotating list of seasonal brews.10.

The Brewmaster’s Room at The BrewhouseThis is one spot where you can get great craft beer at the brewery without paying for it.

The brewmaster’s room at The Brewer’s Row, which is located inside the Brewer’s Pub, is a place where you’ll be able to sip great craft brews while enjoying great food and drinks.11.

The Barley House at Barleys TavernIn 2019, Barleys opened its brewery and tasting room at the new historic building on the South Side of Chicago, The Brew House.

Barleys will continue to brew and serve great craft beers while offering a wide menu of food and drink.12.

The Beer House at The BreweryAt The Brewery, you can sip craft beers in the comfort of your own home, and get great food as well, thanks to a full-service restaurant and beer garden.13.

Craftsman’s Warehouse at Craftsmen WarehouseA local brewery that opened in 2008, the Craftsmans Warehouse is a brewery in its own right.

It operates as a standalone facility, and its beer is made on site, which makes it perfect for festivals and events.14.

The Shed at ShedBarley’s Taproom and the Brewery, the Shed at Barbers Shed and The Shed Barley, are two of Chicago�s most famous craft breweries. The Pub

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