3D printer startup Shapeways is taking the wraps off of its first production batch of a printer that will allow people to create intricate objects from their own drawings.

Shapeways announced Wednesday that it has signed a contract with a company in China that will supply the printer to its customers, the company said in a statement.

“We believe this is the next logical step for 3DPrinting, a technology that has revolutionized the way we create beautiful objects,” Shapeways CEO and cofounder Chris Quigley said in the statement.

“Shapeways is committed to bringing our customers the best 3D-printed products and services.”

The printer can print a wide range of 3D models, but it can only produce the parts for a single object, so a single item can take up to a month to print.

In contrast, Shapeways offers a three-part design kit that lets users make up to eight models and ship them to customers.

The company’s first batch of printed objects was made in February, and it has already delivered three prototypes to customers, including a model of a cross between a cross and a hand, a crossbow and a cross-shaped sculpture.

Shapiverse is also in talks to begin shipping a range of other 3D printers in early 2019.

The first printers are designed to print on Shapeways’ custom-built, proprietary, 3D additive manufacturing (3DAM) platform.

It’s a process that Shapeways developed in collaboration with three partners: Stratasys, 3DP Systems, and the Chinese company.

StratasYS, 3DSystems, and Shapeways worked closely together to develop a 3DAM platform that could create a range the printers could print on. 3DAMS can create 3D objects that are made up of millions of individual parts, but that’s not how Shapeways operates.

Instead, it creates an entire 3D object using software and a 3-D printer.

Shapeworld, Stratas, and 3D Systems all work together to print their own parts on Shapeworld.

Shapforge has partnered with Stratas and 3DS Systems to provide the 3D AM platform.3D AM uses a computer program that prints individual parts onto a printer.

Each part is made up by a laser and a laser scanner.

A laser scanner creates a 3X3 image of the part on the printed part, which is then scanned by a computer.

That image is then passed to a computer for printing.

Shapemaker says the 3DSAM printer has a print rate of 10,000 per minute, which means it can print the 3X1 part twice as fast as a regular 3D print.

It will also be able to print parts in two different colors.

This is done by scanning the part and creating a 3×1 color printout.

Shapeway has also released an app that lets people use 3D photos of the object to create 3-dimensional models, as well as a camera that can capture the 3-d print and then display it on a computer monitor.

The camera also shows the part in three dimensions.

The new printer will be available to Shapeways customers this summer, and in early 2020, it will also have its own dedicated server farm.

Shapeworld’s platform will allow customers to print objects on 3D materials.

The company has partnered up with other companies to create an array of other products that could be 3D printed on Shapiverse’s platform.

Shapeworld says that its own 3D platform will be ready by the end of 2019.

In a press release, Shapeway described the printer as a “world-class additive manufacturing platform.”

It will be made of 3-axis printing equipment, a process called additive manufacturing, which uses a laser to create a 3 dimensional object.

The printer will create an object that is more than 3X4 inches tall.

Shapwerks goal is to produce at least a 10,001-piece 3D model in its first batch.3DPrint.com, the third-largest 3D manufacturer in the world, is also partnering with Shapeways.

3DPprint.com is a company that is focused on 3-molecule printing technology.3DFX, which has a product called the X-Axis Maker, has partnered in recent years with Shapeworld to provide its customers with 3D machines that can print objects in three dimensional space.3DR, which offers 3D services, is working with Shapeway on 3DP printing.3DT, which makes its products in China, has recently expanded its 3D capabilities.

The 3D Print service has been available for some time and now it will be able print 3D parts on its platform.

The service also allows customers to make a variety of 3d printed items, including car parts, sunglasses, and other accessories.3DSystem, which was founded in 2006 and has offices in California and Texas, is the leading 3D company in the U.S. 3DS is the largest 3D provider