What do you want to get out of the Craft Room at the Museum of Science & Industry?

Posted June 24, 2018 11:30am PDT In the first year of the new museum’s existence, the museum has had to work hard to create an environment that feels like it was built for an arts institution.

This year, it’s made some changes that will make it feel more like a science museum than a museum of arts.

The museum has added a space that hosts workshops and lectures and has also installed a video screen that allows visitors to watch the museum on-site.

The new Craft Room also has a new name: the Lab.

The Lab is a new space that’s open to the public for lectures and workshops on a regular basis.

This space is meant to complement the Lab, and it’s a welcome addition.

It’s also a welcome reminder that the museum is still the same organization it was 10 years ago.

Here’s what the new CraftRoom has to offer.

The lab is part of the Science & Information building on the third floor of the museum.

The craft room is a space with a video wall that allows you to watch on-the-ground live lectures from the Museum on the same screen as you can watch on the Lab on the second floor.

This is a welcome change from the Lab where lectures on how to make robots were on a separate screen.

This new Craftroom also has the Lab’s video wall on the first floor.

The third floor also includes a new gift shop that sells a variety of artifacts and items from the lab.

The items on display in the Lab are a mix of different types of items and can be purchased from the gift shop.

The second floor also has its own gift shop, where you can also purchase items from different sections of the Lab such as the robotics and biohacking section.

Here, you can pick up a collection of artworks by a team of three, a computer designed to test a human brain, and a small collection of personal effects, such as a tattoo.

In addition to the Lab and Craft Room, the new space also features a new art gallery and a new video screen for lectures.

The Science & Info building is currently open on the fourth floor.

If you’d like to visit the museum, you’ll have to walk through the Science building, but you’ll be able to walk past the CraftRoom at the bottom of the stairs.

It’ll also be a good idea to bring a few snacks with you as you head up the stairs to make sure that you have enough space to watch live lectures.

If there’s no live lectures, you might be able catch a sneak peek of a live show at the Lab by visiting the Museum’s live website.

There’s also the chance that the Lab will have a sneak peak of the live video screen on its third floor, but this will only be available during a certain time of the day.

For more on the new Museum of the Future, visit the Smithsonian’s website.