An Australian-born craftswoman who grew up in Sydney’s inner west is sharing some of her childhood crafts with a group of craftspeople who come from around the world.

Claire MacLeod, a mother of two from Sydney’s west, said she wanted to bring the story of her family’s craft to the world in an exhibition on Sunday.

She said she was inspired by the stories of craftswomen from around her home state of Queensland, and wanted to tell the stories behind her own and others’.

The project is the result of a two-year collaboration between the ABC’s Q+A program and Sydney’s Royal Arts Centre, and will be on view through the exhibition, called Craft and Craftyness.

Clare MacLeod is sharing her family crafts at the Royal Arts centre in Sydney.

“It’s the story behind my mum’s craft, and I wanted to share that with my people and people who are also from Australia and other parts of the world,” Ms MacLeod said.

“I thought it would be fun to see if there were some other crafty stories and if people could find some examples of other Australian crafts.”

Ms MacLeod’s mother, Carol MacLeod who was born in Queensland, started crafting in her early 20s.

“She was working in the mines at the time, so she was doing things that weren’t very fashionable at the times, like embroidery and sewing,” Ms Matthews said.

“It was her first time sewing, and she started getting into sewing and her first sewing machine was a sewing machine and it was all very exciting.”

But then I started having kids, and we just couldn’t find any time to sew.

“Ms Matthews said Carol MacLodles work ethic was second to none, and was something she would take pride in sharing with the world of craft.”

The way she carried herself, she was very self-confident and she was always the one who was getting in the way of things and doing things her own way,” Ms Smith said.

Ms MacLods mother Carol MacLEods father died when she was a baby, leaving her mum and step-grandfather with very little money to spend.”

When she was in her late 30s, her father died,” Ms Matthew said.

The exhibition will also feature the stories and crafts of more than a dozen Australian craftspeople from around Australia, including Sydney craftsman Steve Wigle.”

Then when he got into the hobby of making and selling, he started getting a lot of attention from the craft trade, and the craft trades people would ask him about what he was doing.””

[He] would come and do all the hand-painted paintings and things like that and he would take some of the pieces home and sell them on eBay.”

Then when he got into the hobby of making and selling, he started getting a lot of attention from the craft trade, and the craft trades people would ask him about what he was doing.


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