Posted July 05, 2018 09:08:16 Scientists have identified a giant, supernova-like supernova (NGC 1442) that could be the sign of a new form of life.

The star, named NSN-1067, is located between the Andromeda Galaxy and the Milky Way.

It was discovered in 2016 and is one of a handful of NGCs that astronomers have studied in their search for planets orbiting other stars.

It’s possible the supernova, which is called a red supergiant, was born from the collision of a supermassive black hole.

If confirmed, it could provide clues about the formation of planets.

This is the first supernova to be found in the galaxy, said study leader Professor Michael MacLean of the University of Cambridge, UK.

“It’s quite remarkable that we’ve discovered such a big, massive, red supernova,” he said.

NGC 1442 is the third supernova discovered by the astronomers, and the third in the past four years. “

The fact that it’s an NGC, and that it was born in the same system, is something we’re going to be very interested in.”

NGC 1442 is the third supernova discovered by the astronomers, and the third in the past four years.

The first was NGC 594, which was located in a galaxy known as NGC 496.

NGC 708, which lies between NGC 1631 and NGC 2068, was also discovered in the constellation of Ursa Major.

“In the early years of the search for exoplanets, we were searching for stars like these that are very similar to the ones that we see in the Andromeda galaxy,” said MacLean.

The supernova is one in a series of new supernovae discovered since the beginning of the 21st century, according to the scientists. “

So, in a sense, we’ve got the kind of population of stars that are going to have planets, and we’ve never seen any of them.”

The supernova is one in a series of new supernovae discovered since the beginning of the 21st century, according to the scientists.

It is not the first time astronomers have detected a supernova like this one, which occurs about every 2.5 years.

NGs are incredibly powerful bursts of radiation, which are thought to originate in a star’s core and burst in a spectacular fireball of stars and gas.

But unlike the more common supernovas, which have a bright end and dim end, the supernova seen here is the most luminous and has a superheated core.

Astronomers have observed this supernova in the years following its discovery, but they’ve only been able to see it in X-rays.

Astronomer Peter Higgs, who was one of the first to detect a supernovai in the 1990s, has since used the new data to make the case that these supernovajes are produced by exploding stars.

Astronomy’s brightest X-ray supernova The team discovered the star in August 2016 using a coronagraph on a telescope in Australia.

The light coming from the coronagraph, called the Chandra X-Ray Observatory (CXO), was used to study the star’s composition.

By studying the star, scientists were able to study its mass, and then to measure the temperature.

“What we found was that this star is an exceptionally bright star,” said lead researcher Professor Tom Pardue, of the National Astronomical Observatory of Australia.

“Its mass is about 50 times the mass of the Sun, so we know it is very hot, which means it has a very high internal density.”

“What really surprised us was that it is also a supergale, which, when you think of supergales, you might think of a really, really, incredibly hot object,” he added.

“That was the biggest surprise.”

In April, the researchers announced the discovery of a much more massive supernova.

The researchers think it is NGC 1377, which they call NSN 1442.

NGV1442 has the same mass and brightness as NSN 1067, but has a smaller star and a much cooler temperature.

This supernova was not found in any of the other supernovations discovered by astronomers, meaning there was no way to distinguish them from the other two.

The scientists are still trying to figure out what exactly caused this supermassive supernova and how it came into being.

“I think it’s the only supernova of this class that we have been able for the first and only time to look for in a habitable environment,” said co-author Professor Nick Kiely of the Australian National University.

“And that is a huge achievement for the field.”

NGS data from this supernovac could help scientists to understand the process of supernovabiology.

“We could use this as a tool to look at the processes that are taking place inside the cores of stars, and perhaps even to understand what we might see in stars as they come apart

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