The NHL is not a fan of the custom jerseys worn by players on the road, so when the NHLPA began a pilot program to allow fans to wear their team’s home jerseys on the ice at home, the idea was to try to create a more personalized look for the home fans.

To create that look, the NHL decided to bring in its own stylist.

The stylist has been working for the league for over a year to create unique, one-of-a-kind jerseys for the new season.

In an interview with, the stylist, a former stylist for the Montreal Canadiens, talked about the process and how he has come to understand the unique aesthetic of each jersey.

The league decided to use a team’s logo as the base of the jersey and a stylist to create the jersey.

“It’s not like they are putting their name on it.

They are creating the jersey for the fans.

It’s a lot of work to create something unique.

You need to make it look unique,” the stylists’ assistant, Michael Zoradi, said.

“But it’s a great work of art and we’ve made a lot out of it.”

The league’s stylists have a different approach to designing jerseys for each team.

Zorari said he doesn’t look at the jersey’s color or the font size as critical elements, just the look and feel of the jerseys.

The team logo is a big part of what Zorani calls the “design” of the shirt.

The league will use the same font, same colors and same weight, so that the jersey looks uniform.

“The goal is to not be too flashy.

We want the jersey to feel like it’s wearing a uniform,” Zorazi said.

The design is meant to be simple and casual.

The process begins with creating a template for the jersey based on the color and the jersey size.

“We try to make a simple design that’s clean, clean, simple.

It doesn’t have too many details,” Zora said.

Once that template is created, the team has a list of colors and sizes they want to use.

“You want to find a way to do it without being too overwhelming,” Zoro said.

They will then go through a process of identifying the design elements and then choosing a stylists to create them.

“He’ll go through the template, find the best stylist he can find and we’ll then go in and do the final touches,” Zoras said.

When the league is ready to unveil the jerseys, Zoradsi will be in the studio with the team to create their final design.

Zora has a unique way of working that has led him to work with all different teams in the NHL.

He has a personal connection with each team’s players.

He doesn’t talk to the players much, but when he does, he’ll be able to tell what makes each player special.

“That’s the kind of work that he’s able to do,” Zoros said.

“I feel that I can help the players.

I’m not going to say I’m a stylista, but I know how to create this uniform, I know what the players are wearing, what their personalities are.

So it’s important that I get a feel for the players and get a sense of what they’re like.

I can’t say that every player can be a stylian,” ZORA said.

The team will also be able use Zoras help on the design of the home jersey, which is based on its design in the regular season.

The home jersey will be worn in home games against their opponents.

“I’ll work with the players as well, but we’re also looking at what the fans like to see,” Zoran said.

For now, the teams are waiting on a few more details to be finalized before they can release the new jerseys.

But the league expects the uniforms will be ready to go for the NHL’s regular season opener against the Buffalo Sabres on Jan. 9 at Buffalo.

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