CHITA CRAFT — The beer.

The chitas.

The family.

It’s the first thing everyone wants to do when they get home from work, the Chita Craft Brewing Company’s founder said.

Chita, located at 1219 E. Washington St., is a brewery in the trendy Washington Heights neighborhood of Chatham, New York.

The craft beer company launched in April and has since opened its first beer shop in Washington Heights.

Chitas are typically young and sweet-natured.

Craft beers can range from a pale ale to a seasonal brew.

For the past six months, Chita has been serving beer with a variety of families and friends in the neighborhood, including two women and their babies, and two moms.

The beer is also sold onsite, where patrons can pick up a glass to enjoy and a glass of wine to celebrate the occasion.

“It’s just been really good for the neighborhood,” said Chita’s co-founder and owner, Chitana Craft Brewing co-owner Melissa Mollari.

“We’re just hoping that this helps bring people together, and it’s not just a group of people coming together, it’s a community coming together.”

The company, founded by Mollori and her husband in April 2016, is known for its freshness and unique flavors.

The first craft beer sold in the U.S. was brewed in 2014 by the same Mollirins and is called Blue Moon Ale.

Since then, Molliras has brewed and sold hundreds of beers.

Molliris, who has worked in the beer industry since 1989, said she decided to start Chita as a way to give back to her community.

“I thought it would be cool to do something like this, to share a little bit of my family’s passion for beer,” Molliari said.

“I wanted to do it in a way that was a little more intimate, and maybe a little different, to bring a little joy and a little spark to the people who work at the brewery.”

Craft beers can vary in quality, flavor and ABV.

Some are sold as a single beer and others are sold in bottles, which Mollieri says are popular among customers.

The most popular beer is the Blue Moon.

“They’re definitely different styles,” Mollsiari explained.

“They’re all different.

Some of them are really nice, but some of them I like a lot more.

The ones I like the most are the ones with a lot of complexity.

And those ones that I like to drink a lot, that’s what I think is really cool about the Blue Moons.

I love the complexity of the Blue Clouds.”

In a recent photo posted to the Chitabank Facebook page, Mollsari, Milla, Mella, and their baby girl sit in a kitchen with a few other Chitatos.

Molla said it’s nice to see the brewery with their children and family, and she and her family are happy to be back.

“We’ve been a couple of years since I started working at Chita,” Molla added.

“But it’s been nice to get to know our new neighbors and to get back to where we were before.

I’ve enjoyed seeing all of the other folks and their families.

It has been really great to be able to hang out with them and hang out together.”

Molliri and her team hope to have a couple more Chitos in the Chatham neighborhood soon.

“Hopefully this will be a great place for people to get together, for families to hangout, and for people who have family and friends to get a little something to eat,” Molleri said.