It was a great year for the craft industry, with nearly every major company expanding their operations and new companies popping up to fill a void in the market.

Here are a few of the best stories from 2017, in order of the most notable:Artificial intelligence.

While AI has been a staple of tech for the last decade, it didn’t start taking off until 2015.

By that point, it had already reached a level of sophistication that the rest of the world wasn’t yet fully aware of.

Artificial neural networks (ANN) are computers that simulate the way the brain works, allowing them to learn from previous experiences and build on that knowledge.

They’re currently used in games and other interactive applications, and many have already shown promise in medicine.


When you talk about the art of creativity, the term often comes up.

But it’s not entirely accurate, as most artists don’t spend much time practicing their craft.

Artists, musicians, writers, designers, designers of all kinds, and even students are often discouraged from pursuing their passion.

Articles from The Atlantic and The Verge were among the best, but the majority of the industry’s most well-known voices were largely ignored.

The best artists in the business, like John Hughes and Jeff Koons, both earned their living with their art.

It wasn’t just the art world that had its issues with talent.

Many companies that weren’t considered mainstream also had the lowest employee numbers.

The lack of diversity and the underrepresentation of people of color made it easy to overlook.


There were some notable successes in 2017, but others fell by the wayside.

A lot of artists weren’t able to break into the mainstream and still be successful.

One notable exception was James Ponsoldt, a white, male, self-described art fan who rose to fame as the creator of the video game, The Last of Us.

Ponsoldt’s art was widely lauded and praised.

His works often showed a deep commitment to the art and the stories behind it.

He was also a vocal supporter of women artists, and his work has been embraced by many in the industry.

The biggest breakthrough came from the art-world’s most famous artist, Mark Rothko, who became one of the leading figures in the modern art world.

Rothko’s art has been criticized for its sexist and racist content, but his work is still admired for its message of acceptance.