A brand new campaign launched by the South Coast Farmers’ Association (NSFA) aims to make the local craft and bbqs available to those in need.

In the new campaign, The Northern Bbq Company (TNC) will be selling a range of local and seasonal ingredients for local kids and adults.

The campaign will be a pilot in NSW and will run until July 31.NSFA President of Marketing and Communications, Sarah Pannett, said the campaign was designed to make sure that those who need it can have access to the product and services they need.

“With a range on the market ranging from breads, pastries, and pastries to cheese and dairy products, this is a great opportunity for children to learn about how to make their own food,” Ms Pannet said.

“They can get to know how to use their kitchen tools and how to cook their own bbquakes and enjoy some of their favourite pastries.”

This is a good way for parents to encourage their children to make things they love and be part of something good.

“Kids will also learn the value of their own labour and get to make something that will last their whole lives.”

If they can get involved, they will be contributing to the success of the TNC.

“The TNC also runs a family-friendly bbqa shop in Sydney’s CBD.”

The aim of the campaign is to make a positive impact and support the local business community to keep their doors open for people in need,” Ms Ritchie said.

The new campaign will include the sale of a range a food products for kids and a range for adults.”

It is part of a national drive to improve the lives of people in the region,” Ms Kavanagh said.NSFSA president of marketing and communications, Sarah Kavanah, said a nationwide campaign was a good first step in supporting the local economy.”

For us to be able to create this opportunity, and to also get out into the community and support businesses and the economy, is great,” Ms Meehan said.


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