Green kid crafts can be fun, but they can also be challenging and time consuming.

For many, the time to create a green kid is after school.

Kids at the Fraser Valley Library in Burnaby, B.C., created a Santa Claus craft for their class.

“Santa is so fun,” said Amanda Macdonald.

“He is a big guy.

He’s got the snowman.

He has the snow man.

And he is really a big elf, and we really like elves and we love elves, and he is the Santa Claus that we all know and love.”

The class created their own handmade Santa Claus costume, and it’s a very Santa-like outfit.

“We did the costume as a sort of homage to him, because we really love his face, his hair, and his beard, and I think he’s just so popular,” said Macdonald, a second-year elementary school teacher.

The class started with a few simple instructions, like how to make a snowman, which involved drawing a line in a paint marker and tracing it with a pencil.

The kids then went on to create their own snowman for their teacher.

“There’s a lot of different ways that we can create the costume and make it more realistic,” said student Jessica Mazzucato.

“I think you just have to try different things.”

A little boy, who asked not to be named, helped Macdonald with the process of making the Santa costume.

“You can make any sort of Santa costume you want, but I think that I like to make one that has a little bit of more of a fairy tale look to it,” said Mazzucharo.

Mazzucci says she and her friend spent about three hours on the project.

“It was really fun,” she said.

The students used a variety of materials to make the Santa costumes, including wood, clay, paint, and fabric.

Some students made their own Santa hats, while others drew their own.

The Santa costume was created using wood glue, but it wasn’t the only item that the class made.

Students also made snowmen using a straw and a stick, and they made a snow man out of plastic bags.

Macdonald says the group’s Santa costumes have been popular with the kids, and the kids have even created their very own Santa Claus dolls.

“If you see kids in the hallways or you see them in the classroom, they’re doing Santa crafts,” said MACD, who added that she hopes her students can make a few more Santa costumes.