The most popular way to decorate your home is to make tiger crafts, said Darryl Kastle, a designer and art teacher at a high school in Atlanta.

“The tiger craze has been very popular, and we have lots of kids who make them,” Kastlesaid in a Facebook post last year.

The crafts are mostly made out of fabric scraps, including a tiger’s head and a human torso, with some carved out.

They’re made from the leftover scraps of the tiger’s carcass, with animal bones and skin added to the mix.

“If you’re looking for a tiger craft that’s not too flashy, I think it’s definitely worth the time and effort,” Kastonle said.

Kastle said his daughter, who has a degree in fine arts, and her friends also love to make them, but they are not the most expensive items.

“I love them as a kids’ activity, but I think they’re really fun to make,” he said.

“I think they are fun, but it’s not necessarily for kids.”

You could probably make these for yourself if you wanted, but if you want to really have something that is really unique and different, I would definitely say, ‘You know what?

I’m not going to do that,'” Kastler said.

Darryl Sastle of Atlanta has made some of his own tiger craft creations.

Sastle told ABC News the designs, including the head and torso, are a lot of fun and that he enjoys making them.

Sustle’s daughter, Darrylen Kastellle, and a group of friends are currently working on their own tigercraft creations.

A friend of Kastelle, the designer and artist who started the site in 2011, has been making tiger crafts in his basement. “

My daughter made them with an old cardboard box that she was carrying around,” she said.

A friend of Kastelle, the designer and artist who started the site in 2011, has been making tiger crafts in his basement.

The artist uses scraps from his own scrap collection, but he uses them to create different versions of the designs.

“We’re making a lot more tiger crafts than I did before, and I think that’s because I have a lot less stuff,” Sastel said.

He said the most popular and successful tiger craft is the tiger head and the torso, which he has made for more than a year.

“My wife makes the tiger torso and I make the tiger heads,” he told ABC affiliate WSB.

“We’re all pretty excited.”

In the past, Kastel has had to buy fabric scraps to make the tail of the head, which is about a foot long, but now that he has more materials, he is not worried about how much it costs.

“People are really into making tiger sculptures,” he added.

Sartelle said he would love to sell the tiger crafts he has, but so far, he has only made two of the sculptures.

Sistell Kast, who teaches at a middle school in Georgia, has made tiger crafts for a while and is planning to make a more elaborate version of the skull and tail.

“There are lots of people that want to do these, and you could buy them for a lot, but then you would have to get them from the local art supply shop,” she told ABC.

“It’s something that we have to work with our families and our friends,” Sistell said.

The art teacher and her group are planning to create a more complex version of each of the animal sculptures, and Sistel is currently designing the skulls and tails.

Sassell said she is also hoping to make other tiger crafts that are not quite as big as the head.

“It’s a really fun thing to do,” she added.

“These things really make people happy, and it’s just a fun thing for kids to do, too,” Sartell said, adding that she hopes to have the designs finished by the end of the month.