You can spend months trying to recreate a DIY project you’ve made yourself from a book, but if you’re not careful you might end up making something that’s really out of date and doesn’t really fit the project you’re trying to achieve. 

But a new book by craft-maker Laura Fuchs has been making waves in the craft world, and its an eye-opening insight into how you can get started making something with your own hands. 

Laura Fuchs, an illustrator and blogger, created her own handmade art book called “A New World: Crafts for Girls” with a vision of creating a book of handmade art. 

She’s since taken on projects ranging from knitting socks for girls to decorating a school bus and more, with her own unique take on the idea of craft. 

“I wanted to create a book that would tell the story of my journey from being a girl artist to an adult craft-shop owner, with stories about girls that I met, as well as how I became an artist,” Fuchs told Business Insider. 

The first project she launched was a book with the title, How to Make Your Own DIY Craft Projects From Scrapbooks. 

In the book, she details how to create your own DIY crafts from books you’ve found and from scrapbooks you’ve downloaded. 

Fuchs told us she’s been inspired by the idea behind the book:”I’m a big fan of the idea that books are just books.

They can be a good thing.

You can put it in your hand and be inspired by it, and you can read it over and over again. 

I thought it was so cool that the book could be used as a tool for girls that are interested in craft, and I wanted to take that and use it to help them find their craft,” she said. 

Read on for more on how you could make your own handmade craft projects. 


How To Make Your DIY Craft Project From Scraps and Bookbooks You Can Get from or This book can be purchased through the Amazon Prime store for $1.99 or $2.99, or through Etsy for $3.99. 


A New New World Book By Laura Fuch, Illustrated by Laura F. This book was created for a young girl in a different country. 

It tells the story about her family’s journey from living in poverty, and the life she’s lived. 


Making Craft With Scrapbook Art From Scratch By Claire Zolotowska and Laura Fucus. 

This is an easy and creative way to make something with scrapbooks or books you’re using as a project template. 


Easy DIY Crafts with Booklets By Erin Hines and Laura H. “We use scrapbooks as a way to start our own crafts,” Fucuus said.

“We’re trying something new and I think that it’s so cool. 

We want to show girls the value of making their own crafts and to show them how to make them. 

If you’re making a handmade project with books and scrapbooks, this book is a great place to start.” 


New Crafts: Craft for Girls By Sara Cordero, Laura Fux.

Fucus shared her experience of creating the book.

“This book is really great for girls and it’s been really good for me,” Fux said.

It’s an eye opener about the craft community, she added. 


Sticky Notes To Start Your DIY Project from 

From the Etsy shop: Stickie notes can be really useful for beginning the process of a DIY. 

For me, this was the best idea I’ve found.

I use it daily for the first time. 


Creating A Craft With a Book You Find By Heather Lebner, Illustrated By Sarah O.  This project was inspired by a conversation she had with a friend about a book she was looking at. 

Lebner said she knew she wanted to make her own book, and thought she’d make something from a shelf or some scrapbooks.

She decided to get some booklets, which she thought would be perfect for a project like this. 


DIY Crafts With Scratchbook Art By Laurie C. Leb, Leb and Leb found this book in the library. 

Her daughter, Heather, is a crafty artist, and they both really enjoyed the book and thought it would be a great idea for a DIY craft.

“It’s a great book because you can learn from each other and also see what you’ve learned,” Leb said. 


Why You Should Make A DIY Craft with Scratchbooks 

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