A game called ‘Christmas Eve’, where you must build a tree for a friend, has been a hit on Oculus Rift.

It was developed by the studio ‘Crowded House’ and released in early 2017.

The game features a tree that can be interacted with to change its colour, shape, shape of the branches, and more.

Oculus VR had originally planned to release the game on Steam, but a patch that disabled the platform was made available on Tuesday.

The patch was designed to enable players to play the game as soon as it was released, and then release it to the Oculus Rift store once it had been tested.

While the patch is not being updated, Oculus VR has said it will be rolling out an update in the coming days.

Oculus Rift launched in December of 2016, but has only been available for those in the US.