The craft is simple.

First, you need to assemble a pair of scissors, some wire, and some tape.

Next, you glue your scissors together with tape, then you use a glue gun to cut out your design.

You can use your favorite glue gun or you can try a paintbrush or similar tool.

After the scissors are attached, you cut out the shapes and paint them with a clear acrylic paint.

Once the paint is dry, you add a ribbon or ribbon tied knot to the end of the scissors to attach it to your project.

Finally, you put the Pom Pom in your bag and hang it in the window or window shade.

Once you’re happy with your creation, it’s time to decorate!

We made a little Pom Pom doll that we used as a craft project to decorates our bedroom, and we’ve also made some DIY Pom Pom jewelry.

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