Crafts and crafts are one of the most popular hobbies in Australia, with craft shops and craft stores accounting for over one in five Australians spending time at home, according to research by the Australian Institute of Crafts.

The findings, published in the Australian Journal of Psychology, show that there are four times as many adults aged between 18 and 64 who spend time with friends at home as those who spend more time with others.

“While adults do enjoy craft activities, it is often difficult to gauge the importance of these activities in helping them to fulfil their hobbies and interests,” Dr Jennifer Erskine-Wentz, the study’s lead author and a psychologist at the University of Western Sydney, said in a statement.

“In the study, we found that a lot of people enjoy having a crafty group of friends, whether that be a family, a group of family members or friends.”

We know that this is something adults tend to enjoy and this suggests that we should be doing something to encourage more adults to be involved in this form of social interaction, as well as encouraging people to seek out social support when they have difficulties in these areas.

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