Christmas Crafts for Girls: The ‘Cricket’ That Everyone’s Talking About

Christmas crafts for girls can be anything from simple and elegant to whimsical and colorful.

And in the past few years, they’ve been trending with the hashtag #CricketsForGirls.

This year, we’ve teamed up with Craftsy to bring you the top 10 best Christmas crafts you can buy online for girls.1.

The “Cricketer’s Crockpot” 2.

The Tangerine Cup 3.

The Stocking Cauldron 4.

The Candy Cane 5.

The Crock-Pile 6.

The Christmas Carriage 7.

The Kinky Handball 8.

The Paper Bag 9.

The Pumpkin Pie 10.

The Sculpture Christmas CarouselA Christmas carousel is a traditional craft for Christmas.

These little balls are made from colored yarn and decorated with colorful decorations.

The most popular craft is the “Sculpture Santa Claus” carousel which involves putting a figure of Santa Claus inside a small tree, and wrapping the tree with colored yarn.

The decorations and craft supplies you’ll need for this craft are included in this listing.1,100 Amazon Coupons and FreebiesA list of all the freebies we offer at Craftsy.

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