Craft is a term used to describe the practice of magic.

This includes a variety of rituals, and it can include many different types of activities, from incantations and spells, to creating items that resemble objects and other objects, to magic and divination.

The term is often used as a synonym for witchcraft.

There are a number of ways in which witchcraft can be practiced, and in some cases, people are believed to have practiced it for centuries.

Some believe the word originated in the Middle East, but in reality, it is widely used across the world.

It was originally a term of praise or praise of the gods, and is usually applied to people who have achieved extraordinary feats, or have achieved great things in their life.

However, this is not the only way in which it can be used.

Some people have used the word to refer to those who have done something extraordinary in their lives, including magical feats and feats of self-discipline.

A witch’s role in the life of a person’s life can be defined by the person who they are working for, their role in their community, and what kind of relationships they have with others.

Witches are usually found in the home, and their roles are often described in terms of their roles in their families.

This can include helping people with mental illness, protecting children and children’s health, and other responsibilities that can be undertaken by a witch.

However some people may be more interested in how the practices of witchcraft affect a person in a way that they can benefit their community.

In this sense, it can also be used to mean the activities that involve the use of magical items.

For example, if a person uses a magic wand to cast a spell or to do other things, they can be called a witch, and this can also apply to other items.

The word can also refer to rituals that involve a person, or something they perform, or that they create or produce.

Witchcraft is generally considered a very ancient practice in the world, but it is believed that it originated in Europe, where it was practiced for centuries, and that there were many people who did the work.

However there are many theories about how it evolved, and some believe it was started in the United States in the early 20th century.

However the practice is not restricted to just the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand, and there are also people in other parts of the world who believe it has existed for centuries elsewhere.

The traditional definition of the word witch is to use it in reference to the practice and to the beliefs of people, but there are some definitions of the term as well.

For instance, there are people who think it means the ability to use magic for good or evil, and those who think of it as the ability of the soul to be in control of its own life.

Some consider it to be the ability or wish of the spirit to do something for the greater good, while others see it as a reference to a belief in divination, or the ability that the mind can know when a person is in a particular state of being.

The belief that witches do not have the ability is considered a myth, and a number are also believed to be practising it in secret, so as to not attract attention to themselves.

Another misconception is that it is a practice that involves a person being deceived into doing something by the belief that they are performing the magical act, and the belief is that the person is not actually performing the act.

However this belief is not supported by scientific research.

What is a ‘witch’?

There are many different ways in the practice The word witch can also have a wide variety of different meanings.

For some people, it might be an individual who is in charge of the home or family, or is involved in the community, or in some other way that gives them power and authority over people.

The person can perform spells or conjure up objects to assist them in their work, and also perform rituals to make the tasks easier for others.

Some witches are also called the spirits of the dead, and these people have powers over the living.

Other people may take a form of the name witch that refers to the person, such as a witch in a household, or witch of the land, or a witch who works in a community.

There is also the use in the term ‘witch of the night’ to refer both to the woman who is seen as the keeper of the house, or to the witch that is seen in the form of a woman that has been transformed into a woman.

A person who is believed to practise witchcraft is often called a ‘sister of the dark’, which is the opposite of the feminine name, or it can even be a man.

This term is used to refer only to a man who practises witchcraft.

Witches can have other names as well, such a ‘bitch of the hill’, or ‘witch who lives by candlelight